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Beyoncé buys $311,000 diamond stilettos

If there’s one woman who can rock $311k heels, it’s Beyoncé. And she just got her hands on a pair for a new music video, which means we get to watch it happen.

The stilettos, created by English jewelry purveyor House of Borgezie as part of their Princess Constellation collection, were designed by British designer Christopher Michael Shellis, who offers not a lifetime warrantee, but a *1,000-year* warrantee. (So we guess Blue Ivy’s great-great-great-great-great-great-grandaughter will have to report back.)

They’re called the « crown jewels of stilettos » and come in either solid platinum or 18-carat gold (you know, in case you’re eyeing a pair for yourself), and are decorated with a single blue butterfly.

Source: Marie Claire