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Great Live review of PSK Trio@Brighton Fest!

« The PSK Trio Africa Railway Project is a veritable melting pot of musical styles, specialising in Lusophone countries, but also drawing influence from Salsa, Samba, Bossa Nova, Funk and Soul. These genres blend together seamlessly in many of Theo Pascal’s compositions. Portuguese singer, Carmen Souza’s vocals are both soul soothing and versatile, and Elias Kacomanolis percussion gives this multicultural musical creature a strong backbone. Kacomanolis kit featured a conventional snare, hat and tom set-up as well as a cowbell, a Darbouka and a set of bongos, and to top if off his drum stool was a Cajon. This was a perfect visual representation of the groups desire to bring together South American and African music with a little taste of western funk and soul. Carmen and Theo also showed a range of musical instruments including the keyboard, a double bass, electric guitar, a wooden xylophone and a Guiro.

PSK Trio gave us a great understanding in what talented musicians they are, in an array of musical instruments and having a complete passion for what they do, how important it is to create the right sound for how they wish to be heard and felt as musicians, and simply, how much music means to them. With a real sense of musical love between the three of them, they took us on what felt like a very personal journey, showing us musically – parts of the world in the most beautiful of lights, using one sense to heighten all, a journey I would recommend you take if you see PSK Trio stop at your City’s station.  »