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Kenya: Willy Paul Is Surely The Kenyan Version Of Chris Brown. See Why

Written by  Martin Oduor

Chris Brown is the international star that best resonates with Willy Paul given that there is no American gospel singer that can preeminently be compared to the ‘Vigelegele’ hit maker.

Chris Brown/Willy Paul, what do they have in common? There are so many similarities between the two artists even though one is a secular musician while the other is a gospel singer.

The obvious connection between two is controversies. They have both been hit by damning accusations but how they have managed to swerve past the numerous squall is the most interesting part.

The latest allegation Willy was slapped with was his reported involvement in procuring an abortion.

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Well, one would think this would maim his reputation and subsequently take its toll on his massive fan base.

But this was never to be, Willy Paul seems to be immune to all gibberish that is thrown to his face. Just like Chris Brown.

Willy’s latest song proves so. ‘Sijafika’ featuring Size 8, Kambua and Gloria Muliro, has already garnered over 30k views on YouTube some three days after it was uploaded.

This is astonishing, while some A-list artists (I will not mention them) are still grappling with 5k views in months, Willy Paul has over 30k for his new video despite the latest controversy!

I won’t say much, just watch the video below and see how Willy works his magic: