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Angola: Musician Eddy Tussa releases CD « Kassembele »

Luanda – Kassembele’’ is the title of the latest album of the Angolan artist, Eddy Tussa, released Sunday at the Independence Square, in Luanda, with 15 tracks.

The Kassembele title, quimbundo language expression which in Portuguese means a little, according to the author, is dedicated to all mothers, especially Angolans who have been abandoned by children without any assistance and support.

The « Kassembele » has the following tracks « Muimbo Ua Mi », « Portrait », « Diala Diame, » « Mama Koleno », « Tribute, » « Kassembele » among others.

The album was produced by Xicote Productions and features the exclusive participation of Angolan singer, Yuri da Cunha.

Eddy Tussa emerged in the music business as a member of the rap group Warrent B, with Kenny Bus, Meyv and Papetchulo.

Source: ANGOP