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Kenya: She’s The New Talk Of The Country…Introducing Njeri, The Girl Who Raps In Kikuyu

By Harun Momanyi |

Rapper Njeri is one of the fast-rising artistes in Kenya

FLAGGBFor a long time, Kenya and East Africa have missed an authentic vernacular rapper. STL may have tried to do it in Norwegian, but it didn’t quite cut through. But now there’s a new girl on the block!

Going by the name Njeri, she’s the newest rap sensation in Kenya. Her song “Nduta” has made her the talk of town. She’s even attracted the attention of rapper Abbass. She’s stylish, has a smart flow of thought and most noticeably she’s beautiful.

When she dropped by at Mpasho TV for an interview, she left a lasting impression. She’s got a place in the local music scene and has a high possibility of going international.


So what inspired Njeri to start doing music? She felt that young girls in Kenya need more inspiring role models and that the socialite business is over-publicized.

“It’s just a feel good song. Basically, it tells ladies to put their pants back on ’cause lately there’s this craze of every young girl coming out of school wanting to be a socialite, taking nude pic(tures)…you know?” she says.

“And I thought as someone who is in this generation I should tell them something different,” she adds. Nduta has a promising future. She’s creating a revolution.


Njeri, nouvelle venu dans le rap game kényan

FLAGFRLe Kenya a, entre autres, la particularité de fournir à nos oreilles attentives toute une série de rappeuses et autres femcee, toutes plus talentueuses les unes que les autres : Wangechi, Muthoni the Drummer Queen, Xtatic, Stella Mwangi… pour n’en citer que quelques une, car cette liste se rallonge de jour en jour, notamment avec Njeri, nouvelle venue dans le rap game kényan.

La jeune rappeuse a déjà fait couler beaucoup d’encre numérique sur les réseaux sociaux du pays, car contrairement à la majorité de ses confrères et consœurs qui écrivent et chantent leurs textes principalement en anglais et en swahili, Njeri a choisi de préférer sa langue maternelle le Kikuyu.

Sur son premier titre « Nduta », on découvre le flow rapide de la rappeuse, sur une instru trap.

Njeri – “Nduta” :