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Angola: Singer Filipe Mukenga presents classics at monthly show

Luanda – The Angolan renowned singer and songwriter Filipe Mukenga will sing his own classics at the “Show do Mês” (Show of the Month)) project, this Saturday and Saturday, the artist himself has revealed.

Filipe Mukenga will be performing songs like “Nvula”, “Weza”, “Blues Pala Nguxi”, “Fruto Maduro”, “Filho de Cabinda”, “Dikixi”, “Kianda Kianda”, “Eu vi Luanda”, “Ndilo Keva” and “Mulogi”.

The veteran artist will be backed by the Show do Mês band.

Filipe Mukenga started his career in 1964, at the time making a type of music strongly influenced by the western pop music, particularly the Beatles, as the artist himself has revealed.

He recorded his first álbum, entitled « Novo Som », in  1990, having also featured in the album of other artists, such as the « Mingos & Samurais » album of the renowned Portuguese musician Rui Veloso.

« Kianda Kianda », his second album, was recorded in Paris, edited by Lusáfrica and released in 1994. The next work, a music project, came out in 1996 with the name  « O Canto da Sereia: o Encanto« , which he co-produced with the singer and songwriter Filipe Zau.

The  « O Canto da Sereia: o Encanto » album features several famous Angolan artists, and others, such as  Carlos Burity, Katila Mingas, Paulo Flores, Dino, Eduardo Paim and Fernando Tordo.

In 2003 he released the album « Mimbu Iami » recorded in Brazil and Portugal.

In 2008, Filipe Mukenga, alongside Filipe Zau, received the Common Ground Music Award prize, organised by the NGO Search for Common Ground.

His last album entitled « Nós somos nós » was recorded in Brazil, with the participatio and collaboration of renowned Brazilian names like Zeca Baleiro, Ivan Lins and Martinho da Vila.

The Show do Mês project, which started in 2014, aims to valorise Angolan music and musicians, retrieve the works of veteran musicians and give space to new talents.