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USA: Snoop Dogg Doesn’t Agree with Billboard’s 10 Greatest Rappers List

By Paul Meara |

Snoop Dogg is not happy with Billboard’s Best Rappers List and decided to air out his displeasure nov. 16.

The list, featuring Kendrick Lamar, Lil Wayne and Lauryn Hill, does not include Tupac Shakur, which struck a chord with Snoop, who collaborated with ‘Pac while he was alive.

“This is so disrespectful,” he relayed via the caption of an Instagram post featuring a picture of the Billboard list. “Whoever did this list need a swift kick in the A**. No. Tupac. Come on cuz. Jus my opinion.”

The Snoopy D-O-Double Gizzle wasn’t the only high-profile rapper who didn’t agree with the list. Jay Electronica also had issue with who was included and called out the list’s authors by posting a split picture of their Twitter avatars on his Twitter and joking, “Why is everyone so upset about the billboard list. upset over a top 10 list of rap greats written by these dudes?”

Billboard named Tupac’s nemesis Notorious B.I.G. the greatest rapper of all-time, asserting he never dropped a bad song and that, while he was alive, he was considered the greatest: “By the time his group album with Junior M.A.F.I.A. dropped the following year, and his ambitious sophomore double-disc album Life After Death bowed just six days after his passing in March 1997, he’d already earned his title as the greatest rapper of all time,” the magazine wrote.